Parimutuel 5 Apr 22 Update

Greetings from the halls of Hxro Network HQ! There is very little left to do before we move the Parimutuel Protocol from Devnet to Solana Mainnet. Here is a quick rundown of current Parimutuel development updates:

Parimutuel Protocol Release

Parimutuel protocol development has continued strong in the week since our last update. Unfortunately, due to a last minute bug detected in the contract fee calculation, we have had to push last weeks parimutuel mainnet alpha release. We expect to be able to continue with the release this week and do not expect the larger milestones announced in our previous update to be affected.

Rust/Python/REST SDK

Engineers are putting finishing touches on the Parimutuel Protocol Rust and Python SDK's (as a reminder, the Network also has a ready to use REST API in a Docker container). Engineers have been completing the integration of operator "store" fee functions. Specifically, the fee element that allows the operator to earn a "symmetric" return, that ensures the operator is paid the entirety of its fee from each pool its end users participate.

Typescript/Web3 SDK

Engineers split out the Typescript SDK that can be used to write in-browser Web3 applications that interact with parimutuel pools. The Network is in preparation to o/s ths package on NPM.

PositionDB API

Engineers have been working on putting an API that allows retrieval of historical data on pools and positions. As described previously, this service is part of a set of features which Hxro Network will support to allow participants to more easily deal with nuances involved with working with on-chain applications.