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Release Notes

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  • Adds whitelabel fixes
  • Run Rust nightly inside the many-linux container
  • Switch to using Rust nightly
  • Fix enter contest is json not form issue
  • Fix decimals and add callback feature


  • Set public ECR
  • Update ECR action to login to public
  • Implement Python container
  • Build after installing Python
  • Rename Dockerfile, install Python
  • Add Python to the Dockerfile


  • Added Dockerfiles and GitHub actions
  • Fixed cranks for times refactor
  • Different secrets
  • Improved keys backup script
  • Add Dockerfile for webserver


  • Remove local key
  • Fix issues from main
  • Fixed keys file


  • Added parimutuel deployment keys to GitHub UI actions


  • Added container support
  • Refactor account hooks
  • Add REST API server


  • Make the time data structure similar across UI and crank
  • Restore dev-0 keys
  • Added multi-env documentation
  • Remove comments and unused file
  • Added a new dev environment
  • Correct scaling of sizes

2021-11-5 Bug Fixes and Features

  • Fetch parimutuel stats
  • Fixed bugs in OTM display

2021-11-3 Bug fixes and Features

  • Added Google Analytics
  • Replace Torus client id
  • Fixed Trader Accounts panel spacing
  • Truncating the decimal in the slider

2021-11-1 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Borsh reader
  • Fixing bugs in column id and timestamp columns

2021-10-30 Bug Fixes and Library Upgrades

  • Fixed http client cors issue for airdrop
  • Added Typescript linting and UI refactor
  • Upgrade Solana library
  • Fix wallet login modal bug

2021-10-27 Bug Fixes

  • Fix position summary
  • Pull positions
  • Fix temp icon
  • Fix airdrop
  • Fix airdrop icon
  • Add animation
  • Fix global stats

2021-10-26 Bug Fixes

  • Various bug fixes pushed out during the day
  • Fixed position panel out-of-sync issue
  • Fixed a bug where positions could be made in the "Live State"

2021-10-26 Initial Release

  • Solana devnet release
  • Phantom wallet support
  • Desktop support only
  • Airdrop button for devnet SOL, HXRO, USDC
  • Pyth price feed for SOL/USD, HXRO/USD
  • Auto-settlement crank, with manual "finalize" and "settlement" fallback buttons
  • 1-min time-frame support only to avoid devnet rate-limiting
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