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What is a Parimutuel option and how do I participate?

Take a position on whether an asset's price will go Up or Down in a certain timeframe. The out-of-the-money positions pay in-the-money positions.

What do I need in order to enter a position?

Parimutuel markets are created on Solana blockchain. You will need to connect a Solana wallet in order to enter a position.

Am I entering positions with real assets?

All current markets run on Devnet only--meaning it is paper money only. You can top-up assets for FREE.

What assets are supported?

You will need SOL to pay for the transaction fees. You can enter the positions with the asset denomination supported. You get a discounted fee if you choose to pay fees in Devnet HXRO tokens.

How do I buy these assets?

You can top-up for FREE by hovering your mouse over the tokens on the top right panel.

How-to Trade Parimutuel Options

Go to Parimutuel page on Hxro Network: https://parimutuel.hxro.network/

1. Connect to the wallet to begin

Click on the Connect (wallet), the prompt will appear for wallet selection.
After connection, the page will notify the wallet status updates
Balance will be updated by the wallet connection
For airdrop testing tokens, please click on the [Airdrop] button beside the wallet connect button

2. Choose A Market

Then please choose a market from the left top panel
The market board will update with the selection
There are three types of market: Open (to create an entry), Live(n) (Your current open positions, n), Settled (closed position)
ID: The ID of such Opening event as a reference Market: indicates the trading pair and duration
Time: Countdown time before go live
Pool Size: Total pool size and split into two UP size and DOWN size
My position: by default is -, if there is no position entry yet, if the user opened a position on that specific market, then the position will show the actual position number
Long/Short: Click button will trigger the enter amount widget

3. Enter a position

On the market board(Open), click on either UP or DOWN arrow to enter the position
A popup screen will show up and display the entry details, all the input are integer based
After a position entry locked, the LIVE board will be updated according all user's current openings
The LIVE panel will automatically updated with the new position entry
Locked price: when game started, it will show up on the exact price. Otherwise it will shown as - Current price: no matter if the game started or not started, this current price should always be live data moving
Current price: show the live price from the market
Expected Payout: the expected payout based on the current price moving, if this is losing money, just show - Please note, after the game settled, that entry will disappear from the LIVE tab and relocated to the Settled tab The (0) indicates how many LIVE game in this panel
The market will start automatically when the time arrives, user can either find the countdown on the LIVE board or from the [My Position Summary] on the right middle section
My position summary illustrates:
  1. 1.
    Market / Trading Pair
  2. 2.
    Time countdown
  3. 3.
    Locked Price
  4. 4.
    Entry pool size / Odds
  5. 5.
    Entry locked side and size
  6. 6.
    Countdown bar illustrates the event about to finalized
  7. 7.
    A filter to show ALL - LIVE - UPCOMING - UNSETTLED

4. Settlement

The board will show all the historical settled positions
Settled price: The price when game gets settled
Payout: shows the total payout after fees, if OTM meaning losing the money, show the "-"
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