Developer Grants

Hxro Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of the network’s HXRO Grant Program!

The Hxro Foundation has launched the HXRO Grant Program to support the growth of the Hxro Network, which aims to establish the world's largest distributed liquidity layer for derivative and betting applications.
5,000,000 HXRO has been allocated to rewarding community members for their contributions, developing and hosting new interfaces, scaling developer resources, performing quality assurance, translating network resources into various languages, creating product designs, community moderation, and enhancing the overall security and quality of Hxro Network protocols.
Increasing community participation is a critical step toward further decentralizing, scaling, and securing the network, resulting in a more distributed and sustainable ecosystem. The program aims to foster an environment of open-source innovation and introduce more participants to the network, which is crucial for achieving the network's long-term success and overarching goal of progressive decentralization.

Program Allocations

The Hxro Foundation Grant Program consists of two pillars. The allocation breakdown is as follows:
  • 3,750,000 HXRO (75%) - Developer Grants (apply here)
  • 1,250,000 HXRO (25%) - Bounty Program
*Grants may be awarded in both HXRO and/or USDC in situations deemed reasonable by the Foundation
Last modified 2mo ago