HXRO Token


HXRO is the utility and governance token powering the Hxro Network ecosystem.
To create optimal alignment between Hxro and its participants, a symbiotic relationship must exist between the value Hxro Network creates and the HXRO token. The HXRO token has the following utility:


To create a strong and scalable foundation for the token ecosystem, all HXRO holders who are willing to stake their tokens to the network accrue a share of network transaction value in the form of staking rewards. Read here for a full overview of Hxro Network Staking.

Network Value Accrual

100% of network value accrues back to staked tokens and other participants within the Hxro ecosystem who are providing critical functions, including:
  • Network Staking Rewards
  • Protocol-Owned Liquidity;
  • Treasury
  • Insurance Fund;
Staked tokens receive a pro-rata share of 50% of all Hxro Network transaction fees. 25% is split between network treasury, insurance fund, LP rewards, service providers, and other network-critical functions. The remaining 25% of network fees are allocated to protocol-owned liquidity.

Discounted Network Fee Payments

As a liquidity and infrastructure layer supporting on-chain derivatives trading and betting applications, Hxro collects a network fee for all transactions on Hxro-powered interfaces. Through the network’s Staking Incentives program, HXRO stakers participating in ecosystem dapps can benefit from discounted transaction fees.

Token Information

The HXRO Token originated on the Ethereum blockchain and is currently available as both ERC-20 and on Solana as SPL-wrapped HXRO (via Wormhole Portal).

Available Exchanges

HXRO is available on the following Solana DEX markets:
HXRO is available on the following Ethereum DEX Markets:
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