Stake Delegation

Step by step instructions for stake delegation on Hxro.Finance, the community-owned staking, governance, and rewards portal for the Hxro ecosystem:

Stake Delegation

Stake delegation allows users to delegate any fraction of their staked tokens to other wallets. That amount will then count towards the receiver’s staked amount for rewards (e.g. lower DEX / Parimutuel fees) and obviously will be subtracted from the sender’s staked amount sum for rewards.

Any delegation can be reverted at any time from the UI by clicking the ‘X’ button next to it.

Also, stake withdrawals may fail if there’s not enough non-delegated tokens to withdraw. The user would have to revert some delegations to free up the required amount for the withdrawal to succeed.

Delegation is under the STAKE page in the UI. Simply fill the “Delegate staked tokens” form by selecting the token, entering the receiver’s wallet key and typing in the amount.

Sent and received delegations (as well as the totals) show up just below the form.

A delegation can be reverted (canceled) by clicking the ‘X’ button next to the amount. This will cancel the delegation for that specific token only (e.g. HXRO only - not all HXRO/ESHXRO/LHXRO tokens delegated to that wallet)

Rewards page has also been updated to show the staked amounts including delegations:

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