Staking Incentives

HXRO stakers participating in Hxro Network protocols can now benefit from discounted transaction fees.

As a liquidity and infrastructure layer supporting on-chain derivatives trading and betting applications, Hxro collects a network fee for all transactions that take place on Hxro-powered dapps.

100% of network fees collected are circulated back to ecosystem participants, including 50% to HXRO stakers and 25% currently rewarded to the USDC-HXRO LP rewards pool on Raydium protocol.

Hxro Network Fees

Before discounts, the following transaction fees are collected by Hxro Network:


The baseline fee for betting pools, via Hxro’s Parimutuel protocol, is 5%. This fee is only collected from the winning side of each pool.


The baseline fee for derivatives products, via Dexterity protocol, is 0% for maker orders and 5bps for taker orders.

*Please note that each Hxro-powered dapp may have a different fee structure additive to Hxro’s base protocol fees. Read dapp-specific documentation for details on additional fees you may be subject to.

Staking Incentives Overview

Hxro Network’s new fee discount mechanism applies to users who stake HXRO, esHXRO, or LHXRO. Effective 7/27, stakers will receive discounted network fees for all transactions powered by Hxro’s Parimutuel Protocol.

Parimutuel fee discounts are viewable on Hxro.Finance, the community-owned staking, governance, and rewards portal for the Hxro ecosystem, and are calculated as follows:

Effective 8/31, stakers will receive discounted network fees for all derivatives transactions powered by Hxro’s Dexterity Protocol.

Derivatives fee discounts are also viewable on Hxro.Finance and are calculated as follows:

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