Developer Grant FAQs

Who is eligible to receive a grant?

Any team or individual that builds an open-source, proof-of-concept application using Hxro Network SDKs for either the Parimutuel Protocol or Dexterity Protocol is eligible to be awarded a grant.

How do I apply for a grant?

Applying for a HXRO grant is as simple as completing a HXRO grant application to be reviewed by network core contributors. Include as much detail about your project as possible, and be sure to focus on how successful completion of the project would be additive to Hxro core protocols and the broader #HxroNation community.

What type of projects qualify for a grant?

Hxro is a distributed liquidity layer, and a primary infrastructure platform for building derivatives trading and betting applications. Developers can integrate their applications using Hxro’s easy-to-use Python and Typescript SDKs, which allow builders to focus on creating unique user experiences!

Grants are awarded to developers building derivatives trading, gaming, betting, analytics, or DeFi tooling apps to either Hxro Network’s Parimutuel protocol or Dexterity protocol.

What criteria will be used to evaluate grant requests?

Grant requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If awarded, grant amounts will be contingent on the complexity and/or novelty of the project and your vision for what it can become in the future.

However, all project submissions must be open-source What makes decentralized applications so powerful is that they are built on the premise of being open and composable. Therefore, the HXRO grant program will exclusively support builders that intend to open-source shortly after deploying on Solana’s Mainnet Beta.

What is the application timeline? How soon can I expect to hear back?

Contributors will work diligently to respond to all grant applicants as quickly as possible. If your application meets the minimum criteria for review, a Hxro Network contributor will contact you within 3-5 days of initial submission to schedule a follow-up discussion about the proposed project, what you’re hoping to achieve, and the grant amount.

Note: Response time may vary; further processing time will depend on the review requirements and complexity of the application.

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