Hxro Network Overview

Hxro is a distributed liquidity layer for derivatives trading and betting applications built on the Solana blockchain. Through a series of core protocols, Hxro also provides the foundational infrastructure for exchange, risk, margin, and settlement functions needed to construct any derivatives or gaming applications.

Why Hxro?

Liquidity within on-chain betting and derivatives markets historically has been fragmented. Hxro unifies liquidity at the network level, helping all builders in the Hxro ecosystem to overcome the cold-start problem that often plagues early-stage projects.
By integrating their applications using Hxro’s easy-to-use SDKs, builders have the ability to focus their time and resources on creating unique user experiences.

How Hxro Works

Hxro Network value accrues from transaction fees generated within the protocols. One hundred percent of the transaction fees are shared between staked HXRO token holders, specialized node operators, active participants, network treasury, and developer pools vital to the ecosystem’s functionality.
Hxro Network is currently made up of the following elements:
  • Hxro Derivatives
    • Dexterity Protocol - A flexible, open-source collection of smart contracts that provides the exchange, risk, and settlement functions needed to launch and maintain any type of derivatives contract market.
    • SPANDEX Risk Engine - SPANDEX is the first protocol to use a portfolio-based methodology to assess users’ margin requirements and overall account health in real time.
  • Hxro Parimutuels
    • Parimutuel Protocol - Provides builders with the comprehensive framework for creating customizable, peer-to-peer markets for betting on any event where participants finish in a ranked order, paying out the winners on a pro-rata basis.
  • Liquidity Protocol
    • sAMM Protocol - A “smart” automated market maker built native to Hxro Network that provides on-chain liquidity to a simplified dual-outcome parimutuel market.