Intro to Parimutuels

While Hxro Network is known for its focus on derivatives contract markets, network contributors have also constructed underlying infrastructure to support parimutuels or, pooled betting markets in which the winning side shares the pot on a pro rata basis at event expiration. Just as with Hxro derivatives, any betting application powered by Hxro parimutuels has access to the network’s distributed liquidity from day 1.

Why Parimutuels?

Betting on events involves many of the same issues found in traditional derivatives markets: lack of transparency, high fees, and slow settlement.
Parimutuel-style betting can be applied to a wide variety of events and predition markets, such as:
  • Dual-outcome events
    • Examples:
      • Sporting events
      • Financial markets
        • Bet on whether the price of an asset will rise or fallover a discrete timeframe
  • Ranked outcome events
    • Examples
      • Horse racing
      • Greyhound racing
      • Jai alai