Bounty Program


The Hxro Foundation Bounty Program is designed to streamline the process of finding motivated and driven community members to contribute to the ecosystem as it grows and becomes further decentralized.
This pillar of the program covers everything from improving the resilience of Hxro Network protocols to non-technical contributions, providing opportunities for all community members to get involved.
Bounty tasks will be ranked using a 1-4 difficulty rating system, with the bounty prize increasing or decreasing in value according to the difficulty of the task. The ranking system for the Bounty program will be as follows:
1 = Non-Devs
2 = Low-Level Devs
3 = Mid-Level Devs
4 = High-Level Devs


Bounty-specific requirements will be listed alongside tasks as they are posted.


Bounties will be hosted on and SuperteamDAO's Bounty Board (more information on this coming soon!)