#ProofOfHxro Grants

Awards for learning while building


#ProofOfHxro will reward engineers who build any open-source application using Hxro Network SDKs for either the Parimutuel Protocol or Dexterity Protocol. This pillar of the grant program is designed to incentivize interaction with Hxro developer resources, as well as to encourage the creation of Hxro-powered derivatives trading and betting applications. By integrating their applications using Hxro’s easy-to-use Python and Typescript SDKs, builders have the ability to focus their time and resources on creating unique user experiences.

Protocol overview

  • Parimutuel Protocol - Hxro’s Parimutuel Protocol provides builders with the comprehensive framework necessary to create customizable, peer-to-peer event markets. Parimutuel-style markets allow users to bet on any event where participants finish in a ranked order, paying out the pot to the winning side pro rata.
  • Dexterity Protocol - Dexterity is a flexible, open-source collection of smart contracts that provide the exchange, risk, and settlement functions needed to launch and maintain any type of derivatives contract market.


Developers can qualify for a grant by building an open-source, proof-of-concept application that utilizes information from Hxro developer guides and resources for either the Parimutuel Protocol or Dexterity Protocol in an innovative way.
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    Submissions must be open-source
What makes decentralized applications so powerful is that they are built on the premise of being open and composable. Therefore, the #ProofOfHxro grant program will exclusively support builders that intend to open-source shortly after deploying on Solana’s Mainnet Beta.
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    Build what the ecosystem needs
In addition to the application ideas listed on the Hxro Network Gitbook, Hxro often receives public feedback from Hxro community members (primarily via Twitter and Discord) on project ideas and recommended next steps for the ecosystem. Use this feedback to your advantage when building your product!


Developers interested in submitting their project for a #ProofOfHxro grant can do so in two ways:
  • Complete the #ProofOfHxro grant application form (5 minutes)
  • Benefits: Provides a private avenue for project submissions, and direct communication with the team may allow for faster project feedback
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    Submit publicly via Twitter by posting the following:
  • Brief project description
  • Link to a project demo (can be recorded)
  • GitHub repo link
  • Solana wallet address
  • Tag @HxroNetwork and @ThalesHXRO
  • Include the hashtag “#ProofOfHxro” in the tweet
  • Benefits: Provides widespread visibility for your project and encourages community engagement


If approved, you will receive an email notification or Twitter DM (response time may vary but is estimated to be within 48 hours of submission) with information regarding onboarding and next steps.
After signing a Hxro grant program agreement and discussing self-described milestones for product completion, 25% of agreed upon funding will be sent in the form of $esHXRO to the builder's SOL wallet. Builders will receive the remaining funding to their SOL wallet as they achieve their self-described project milestones. Upon completion, builders will submit their proof-of-concept work for feedback, review, and distribution!
Happy building!