Hxro Network
The Hxro Parimutuel program is a pluggable network of markets and liquidity pools, designed to be tapped and bootstrapped on-demand by operators and liquidity providers. Parimutuel runs on the Solana blockchain network to take advantage of the high throughput, trustless global ecosystem, and quick settlement times, which allows Parimutuel to match and outperform traditional use-cases.
For operators, Parimutuel is a deep, varied, and time-bound network of contextual liquidity pools. The network has a low barrier-to-entry and can be extended to support markets based on a variety of factors, such as contract size, duration, and underlying assets.
For users, Parimutuel is a seamless, trustless, on-chain experience.
Check out our Tutorial or dive straight into the Devnet 1.0 dApp and try it yourself.
Last modified 2mo ago
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